Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2021
Transactions With Affiliates And Affiliated Entities  
New Residential is party to a Management Agreement with its Manager which provides for automatically renewing one-year terms subject to certain termination rights. The Manager’s performance is reviewed annually and the Management Agreement may be terminated by New Residential by payment of a termination fee, as defined in the Management Agreement, equal to the amount of management fees earned by the Manager during the 12 consecutive calendar months immediately preceding the termination, upon the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the independent directors, or by a majority vote of the holders of common stock. If the Management Agreement is terminated, the Manager may require New Residential to purchase from the Manager the right of the Manager to receive the Incentive Compensation. In exchange therefor, New Residential would be obligated to pay the Manager a cash purchase price equal to the amount of the Incentive Compensation that would be paid to the Manager if all of New Residential’s assets were sold for cash at their then current fair market value (taking into account, among other things, expected future performance of the underlying investments). Pursuant to the Management Agreement, the Manager, under the supervision of New Residential’s board of directors, formulates investment strategies, arranges for the acquisition of assets and associated financing, monitors the performance of New Residential’s assets and provides certain advisory, administrative and managerial services in connection with the operations of New Residential.

The Manager is entitled to receive a management fee in an amount equal to 1.5% per annum of New Residential’s gross equity calculated and payable monthly in arrears in cash. Gross equity is generally (i) the equity transferred by Drive Shack, formerly Newcastle Investment Corp., which was the sole stockholder of New Residential until the spin-off of New Residential completed on May 15, 2013, on the date of the spin-off, (ii) plus total net proceeds from preferred and common stock offerings, plus certain capital contributions to subsidiaries, less capital distributions and repurchases of common stock.

In addition, the Manager is entitled to receive annual incentive compensation in an amount equal to the product of (A) 25% of the dollar amount by which (1) (a) New Residential’s funds from operations before the incentive compensation, excluding funds from operations from investments in the Consumer Loan Companies and any unrealized gains or losses from mark-to-market valuation changes on investments and debt (and any deferred tax impact thereof), per share of common stock, plus (b) earnings (or losses) from the Consumer Loan Companies computed on a level-yield basis (such that the loans are treated as if they qualified as loans acquired with a discount for credit quality as set forth in ASC No. 310-30, as such codification was in effect on June 30, 2013) as if the Consumer Loan Companies had been acquired at their GAAP basis on May 15, 2013, plus earnings (or losses) from equity method investees invested in Excess MSRs as if such equity method investees had not made a fair value election, plus gains (or losses) from debt restructuring and gains (or losses) from sales of property, and plus non-routine items, minus amortization of non-routine items, in each case per share of common stock, exceed (2) an amount equal to (a) the weighted average of the book value per share of the equity transferred by Drive Shack on the date of the spin-off and the prices per share of New Residential’s common stock in any offerings (adjusted for prior capital dividends or capital distributions) multiplied by (b) a simple interest rate of 10% per annum, multiplied by (B) the weighted average number of shares of common stock outstanding. “Funds from operations” means net income (computed in accordance with GAAP), excluding gains (or losses) from debt restructuring and gains (or losses) from sales of property, plus depreciation on real estate assets, and after adjustments for unconsolidated partnerships and joint ventures. Funds from operations will be computed on an unconsolidated basis. The computation of funds from operations may be adjusted at the direction of New Residential’s independent directors based on changes in, or certain applications of, GAAP. Funds from operations is determined from the date of the spin-off and without regard to Drive Shack’s prior performance.

In addition to the management fee and incentive compensation, New Residential is responsible for reimbursing the Manager for certain expenses paid by the Manager on behalf of New Residential.

In March 2020, the Company and certain of its subsidiaries sold (collectively, the “Sale”) through a broker-dealer to six purchasers (collectively, “the Purchasers”) of a portfolio consisting of non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities with an aggregate face value of approximately $6.1 billion (the “Securities”). The Sale generated proceeds of approximately $3.3 billion in the aggregate, excluding any unpaid but accrued interest. The Purchasers included an entity affiliated with funds managed by an affiliate of the Manager (the “Fortress Purchaser”), which purchased approximately $1.85 billion of Securities in aggregate face value for approximately $1.0 billion. In connection with the sale of the Securities to the Fortress Purchaser, the Company agreed to exercise certain rights, including call rights, that the Company holds under the securitization
transactions with respect to the Securities sold to the Fortress Purchaser solely upon written direction by the Fortress Purchaser. Such rights include the rights, if any, to (i) amend and/or terminate the transactions contemplated by certain related residential mortgage servicing agreements, securitization trust agreements, pooling and servicing agreements or other agreements, (ii) acquire certain of the related residential mortgage loans, real estate owned and certain other assets in the trust subject to such residential mortgage servicing agreements, securitization trust agreements, pooling and servicing agreements or other agreements in connection with such amendment or termination against delivery of the applicable termination payment, and (iii) if applicable, direct certain related servicers, holders of subordinate securities and/or other applicable parties, to exercise the rights in (i) and (ii). Pursuant to such agreement, the Company and the Fortress Purchaser would share equally in any profits or losses arising from the exercise of any such rights, other than if the Company elects not to participate in the related transaction, in which case the Fortress Purchaser would realize all of the profits and bear all of the losses with respect thereto. 

On May 19, 2020, the Company entered into a three-year senior secured term loan facility agreement in the principal amount of $600.0 million and also issued common stock purchase warrants providing the lenders with the right to acquire up to 43.4 million shares of the Company’s common stock, par value $0.01 per share. Approximately 48% of the lenders and recipients of the warrants are funds managed by an affiliate of the Manager. In September 2020, the Company used the net proceeds from a private debt offering, together with cash on hand, to fully retire all of the outstanding principal balance on the term loan facility. See Notes 11 and 14 to our Consolidated Financial Statements for further details.

On June 30, 2021, the Company entered into a senior credit agreement and a senior subordinated credit agreement whereby the Company, and the other lenders party thereto, made term loans to an entity affiliated with funds managed by an affiliate of the Manager. The senior loan bears cash interest at a fixed rate equal to 10.5% per annum and the senior subordinated loan bears paid-in-kind interest at a rate equal to 16.0% per annum, subject to certain adjustments as set forth in the respective credit agreements. As of September 30, 2021, the principal balance of the Company’s portion of the senior loan and the senior subordinated loan was $181.3 million and $52.0 million, respectively.

Due to affiliates consists of the following:
September 30, 2021 December 31, 2020
Management fees $ 8,265  $ 7,478 
Expense reimbursements and other 630  1,972 
Total $ 8,895  $ 9,450 
Affiliate expenses and fees consists of the following:
Three Months Ended
September 30,
Nine Months Ended
September 30,
2021 2020 2021 2020
Management fees $ 24,315  $ 22,482  $ 70,154  $ 66,682 
Expense reimbursements(A)
125  125  375  375 
Total $ 24,440  $ 22,607  $ 70,529  $ 67,057 
(A)Included in General and administrative expenses in the Consolidated Statements of Income.
See Note 4 regarding co-investments with Fortress-managed funds.

See Note 14 regarding options granted to the Manager.